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I AM IN THE SAME CATCH 22 SITUATION, You have got to read the job specification, for the role you apply for, then complete your CV and only include the specifications required to get the role. If asked during your interview try to remember the specs and respond accordingly. I am guessing you are over 40, as being "over qualified" is the new escape clause for employers not wanting to employ 'older' applicants. Finally stick with it, something will come along.good luck Big Les

I am in the same boat. I'm 46, have 23 years experience in my field ( IT & Telecoms) and never seem to get past the first interview. On some days I've had up to 5 interviews with the same employer, and still did not strike pay dirt. This is the first time in my career where I've had no luck in getting an offer after a first interview.

To avoid chasing my tail, when an agency contacts me for a position, I always insist that they send me the job description and request that they wait for my approval before they submit my profile to their customers.

I'm beginning to wonder whether the problem is with myself or with the market in general. After 15 months without work, I wonder whether my attitude has changed or soured. In turn, might this 'change' be affecting my performance during interviews, and the interviewer's perception of my abilities? Hard to tell.

When I ask a potential employer directly for reasons as to why I was not considered further, I am usually met with dead silence and shoulder shrugging followed by an apology.
Other typical responses are (as stated above:

*) You are overqualified and we are concerned that you might quickly get bored with the job.

**) You don't fit the profile (If that is so, why did they interview me in the first place?).

***) This position has been filled.

*****) In the long run you will be too expensive for us or our budget does not allow us to offer the salary you are requesting. What about negotiating? Swapping certain benefits for money or vice versa or even stock options? (Nope, can't be discussed, they have their budget, and that's the final answer. )

I am wondering why certain employers can be so inflexible and don't have the ability/need/desire to come to an agreement, consensus, and don't have the desire to change a challenge into a win-win situation? Thinking outside the box might land some employers 'excellent' employees at a bargain price.

My two cents for the day! The Fox, German

Over qualified is usually a way of saying "we don't want you" for reasons they don't want to admit to you - usually because they are aegist organisation and daren't admit it in case someone tries to take them to an Employment Tribunal.

Don't waste money having a CV written for you. Write a CV for each job in question and focus the content on skills etc you have that they are looking for in the job description.

I was in the same situation as you. The very same comments "over qualified" will get bored" etc. I do not belive that all employers are against your age as I have come across young people in their 20's who are in the same boat as I was. Sometimes it is just a case of your face does not fit. I know it is harsh but it is a fact. The best way forward is to temp, as that way you will get your foot in the door and prove your skills. Even if it is not your chosen field at least you will be working and gaining even more experience. I found my job through temping its not my chosen field but the pay is ok and I am earning. Agencies and employers will not touch you if they see you have been out of work for a while as they think that no one wants you harsh but true. If you can show you have been productive while looking for a permanent job, it will always look good on your CV. Keep busy, go to as many agencies to temp that you can and tell them to keep looking for a more permanent role. If you get good reports at the temp jobs they send you, then they are more eager to secure you a job you do want. Belive me its better than sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring trust me!

I'm in the same situation!! More than seven months being unemployed and the reason is because I'm 56 years old!! Don't waste your money in Professional Resumes!!! Don't waste your time in useless interviews with "Temp Agencies" or "Head Hunters" they only take advantage of our situation (of course they know that nobody will hire an "over qualified" person. Maybe one day somebody will realize that "over qualified" persons have families to feed too!!

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