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Dont do it in the first place! Crime doesn't pay - and too many people think it is the easy way out - why would any company want people who think like that? When there are many many people out there who know RIGHT from WRONG!

Ignore the advice given above and join the REAL WORLD. If you admit you have a criminal record. you have NO chance of getting a job. It's hard enough out there as it is. My advice would be to relocate from where you commited the offence, to a new area and try to get your life back on track. As the previous poster said, 20% of the population already have a criminal record and I can say with some confidence that 90% of those have kept it quiet as they know that to admit it would damage their life for many, many years to come. If you can get a steady job, stay out of trouble and learn your lesson, you will be able to redeeem yourelf and hopefully lead a better life. Apart from jobs that require CRBs, employers employers will have no access to your criminal record and will unlikely find out about it. Forget about the rehabilitation act. Once you start being open about your record, your life will be ruined by rumours and gossip behind your back - The only person who can rehabilitate you, is you.

All employment legislation aside: the reality is that it will depend on the type of job you're looking for and the offence you have been convicted of.

Recruiters' personal views will inevitably affect their final decision. I would be very reluctant to employ someone who had been convicted of any kind of violent or 'hate' crime. Other offences involving theft or drink driving could affect my decision, depending on the kind of role I was recruiting for. And, if I found a candidate lying about their conviction, they'd be immediately removed from the selection process.

A little honesty goes a *very* long way and if you're asked about it, you should briefly explain what happened and how you've rehabilitated yourself. Do not try to justify or excuse what happened. Then get back to why you'd make a great candidate for the job you've applied for.

Rehabilitation: I'd definitely look more favourably on someone in your position who'd taken the extra step to 'give something back' to the community s/he'd damaged (over and above any sentence or penalty handed down by the law). So, perhaps you could find a good cause which has a connection to the offence you committed and start helping out - raise funds, provide skills, volunteer. It would be a great way to demonstrate to a potential employer that you regret what happened and are committed to making more socially responsible choices in the future.

I wish you luck in your search for a job, it would be nice to hear how you get on :)

hi all well ive an unspent conviction for importation of cannabis in 1996 and received 3yrs 6mths prison.when released i changed my name by deed poll and in 2004 i applied to be a train driver i did not tell them about my past and the crb check came out clean.i had an altercation with a colleague and policewere called and when fingerprints were taken they found out who i was and what i did so after 6 years as a train driver with an excellant work record and also been commended by an area manager i was sacked for non disclosure and the next day i was found guilty of obtaining a pecuniary advantage and fined £200.i am now at the stage where i have to sell the house car bike the lot as i cant get a job.i have not been arressted since 1996 but there is no chance for people like me to get a job so we have to lie on the application forms.
i myself am now 50 and looks like im going to end up on the dole with no prospects.there is no protection or laws to help non repeat offenders and i class that as a crime against humanity also its discrimination and against human rights but no-one cares so the only chance you have is to change your name by deed poll you will then become a clean person and can apply for jobs just dont get nicked or yuve had it
kevin marks

Nowadays, it is so hard to find a job especially when you are already committed such crime. It’s so hard to bring back trust to someone. But, it can be replaced if and only if by showing them the new you. Be true to yourself. A little honesty goes a *very* long way and if you're asked about it, you should briefly explain what happened and how you've rehabilitated yourself. Do not try to justify or excuse what happened. Then get back to why you'd make a great candidate for the job you've applied for.

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